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  • Organization : Misato Shimizu
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Dance


“HASHTAG 3.0” is a multi-media performance project composed of a screen-dance piece, live performance, and audience engagement using social media.
The screen-dance piece describes the phenomenon on social media and the live performance describes how people are messed with social media in real life.
The audience can use their smartphone and react with emoticons on their talk app.
The emoticons work as commands for performers and the performance changes depending on which emoticons they choose.
This is an experimental performance project in which performers and the audience create the final form together.

Direction / Choreography: Misato Shimizu
Performers: Minori Fujishima, Misato Shimizu
Performers (Screen) : Tomohiro Iizuka, Eri Ikeda, Yukari Inaba and more

Sound Crew: Takashi Aikawa
Lighting Operator: Daichi Kutsumi
Videography/Film Edit: Misato Shimizu
Flyer Design: Hirofumi Moriiwa
Photo: Hiroyasu Daido


Misato Shimizu
Freelance Contemporary dance artist based in Tokyo.
Misato started her classical ballet and contemporary dance training from a young age.
She graduated from Ochanomizu University. (BA and MA in Dance Studies)
Then she has gotten a scholarship from the Japanese government to study at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in the UK.
She finished MA Dance and Creative Enterprise with Distinction.
She has worked as a dancer with choreographers such as Ryohei Kondo, Motoko Hirayama, and Fernanda Prata.
As a choreographer, she keeps presenting her works which visualise relationships of modern people, at home and abroad.
Her recent works are “HASHTAG” series which themed on social media, “Life in a BUBBLE” which was created based on the experience during the Covid-19 pandemic, and “YELLOW” which is a collaboration project with a composer.
She also teaches contemporary dance at the ballet school, creating video works, and organising community-based dance projects.


Misato Shimizu


Space EDGE, Shibuya City, Tokyo