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〜 the people who perceive the world visually

  • Organization : Re; Signing Project
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


This exhibition, planned and managed by Deaf artists and hearing artists whose first language is signing, and themed on the reconstruction of the senses and physicality, was an attempt to raise questions about the essence of humanity from the starting point of language and physical sensation. The three exhibiting artists were Eri Makihara, Creole Project, and Natsumi Kanno. Also on offer during the exhibition period was theater, artist talks with guest curators and other experts, film screenings, work-in-progress video screenings, workshops, and gallery tours, aimed at forming new connections for research networks and collaboration in a variety of fields.
Through the exhibition and various other programs, ultimately the artists created a platform for people to experience a physical sense of the artists’ collective presence as 「〜」, and together think and discuss the possibilities of artistic expression based on language and physical sensation.


Re; Signing Project
An art project exploring new possibilities for artistic expression by Deaf people and transmitting questions to society. “Re” means “regeneration” and “reconstruction of identity,” and “Signing” means “people who talk in sign language,” and “talking in sign language.”
Deaf artists themselves are involved in project planning and management, and through art they communicate to as many people as possible the reality of life for Deaf people, the language of signing, and Deaf culture, and attempt to reconstruct the identity and relationships of both Deaf and hearing people. The project was established in 2022 in the hope of being a forum embracing diverse artistic expression.


BUoY Gallery & basement space, Adachi City, Tokyo