What we do

sense G

  • Organization : Sanzen CAMP
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Sanzen CAMP is an artist collective that transcends the boundaries of genres of expression, centered on butoh dancer Conan Amok. This work “sense G” is different from the existing “improvised live performance of dance and music”, and it is practically presented as a stage work mixed with different fields, with detailed direction and choreography not only for dancers but also for a musician. Dairakudakan butoh dancer Mai Taniguchi and violinist Yu Kuniyasu are welcomed, and by working actively with each other in different fields of specialization, the gestures, tones, and scenery differ from existing dance performances and concerts. Developed a stage work that towers with gravity. Careful discussion, creative policy, and sharing of sensibilities. As a result, it was possible to convey how to use the body and speed that is not usually used, and smooth creation was realized.


Sanzen CAMP
Sanzen CAMP is an artist collective founded in 2021 by Conan Amok, a butoh dancer from the company “Dairakudakan”. Conan Amok directs and choreographs all works. Creates and presents works that objectify the body based on well-trained bodies and sophisticated techniques. In recent years, they have adopted Amok’s unique Butoh technique, Multi layered Body, based on phenomenological and sculptural perspectives, and have been active across disciplines.


Conan Amok
Sanzen CAMP


SUBTERRANEAN, Itabashi City, Tokyo