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Retrieving and Revitalizing: From Yurakucho to Yangon

  • Organization : Sharon Xiaorong Liu
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


Yurakucho was one of the centers of prewar Japan’s empire-spanning newspaper industry. Standing in the Yurakucho building, this exhibition explores the nature of encounters between Japan’s imperial agents and their Southeast Asian interlocutors and subjects during wartime. With a focus on how Southeast Asian spiritual worldviews were captured, represented, and transformed in the course of this contact, the archival research section invites anthropologists, historians, and art history researchers to offer a fresh look into the encounter. To complement historical reality, the exhibition also features artists who employ artistic research to look into often-ignored perspectives during such historical moments.


Sharon Xiaorong Liu
Sharon Xiaorong Liu is a curator, art history researcher, and 2022-2023 Research Student at Tokyo University of the Arts. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in art history and math from Wellesley College, and obtained her master’s degree in East Asian studies from Yale University. She has curated the exhibition Crafting the Past from the Future (2022, New York, Fou Gallery) and Michael Eade: After the Burn (2022, New York, Fou Gallery). She has also designed the exhibition program for the exhibition Icons of New China (2019, New Haven, Yale-China Institute). As a freelance writer, she has written for Ocula and CAFA ART INFO.


Sharon Xiaorong Liu