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  • Organization : Tsugarushamisen KIKI
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Aimed at the further development of the Tsugaru shamisen as a Japanese musical instrument, this concert focused on folk songs and Japanese instruments. For this concert, KIKI explored the possibilities of Japanese musical instruments by conveying the appeal of Tsugaru folk songs together with guest folk singer Toyoharu Fukushi, and by creating original folk song-themed pieces from a new perspective with shakuhachi player Eizan Takikita and Tsugaru shamisen player Niya Sasaki. This performance was held at Kioi Small Hall, an historic concert hall specializing in Japanese music. However, with the aid of sound and lighting technicians, KIKI managed to create a performance that felt fresh and in keeping with the present while still preserving tradition.


Tsugarushamisen KIKI
Kiki is an authentic Tsugaru shamisen duo formed in 2008 by Hikari Shirafuji and Kanami Takeda. Both have previously won national competitions and as a female Tsugaru shamisen unit are popular the world over. KIKI is characterized by its arrangements of folk songs which incorporate different music genres while respecting the traditional Tsugaru shamisen style of folk songs, as well as by its own original compositions that take full advantage of Tsugaru shamisen playing techniques.The duo is recognized for a style of expression that combines the unique power of Tsugaru shamisen with feminine finesse.


Tsugarushamisen KIKI


Kioi Small Hall (Chiyoda City, Tokyo)