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Dance performance “NARCISSUS”

  • Organization : Kazuki Ishihara
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Dance


A dance piece based on the story of Narcissus, the beautiful young man of Greek mythology. In reconstructing this story as a dance work, Ishihara focused on a psychological depiction of Narcissus and the people connected to him, exploring themes that are closely related to today’s society, such as the relationship between beauty and love, and rejection and despair.
As if guided by cellist Tatsuki Sasanuma’s powerful yet ephemeral performance, three dancers portray a tragedy driven by the complexity of human feelings and purity.

Performed by: Mizuki Nakajima, Rie Watanabe, Yoshiki Watabe
Cello: Tatsuki Sasanuma
Choreography/composition/direction by: Kazuki Ishihara

Planning/production/venue cooperation: CCJ (Choreographic Center of Japan)
Publicity design: Takaaki Yagi (FORM::PROCESS)
Produced by: Kyoko Nakazawa (CCJ), Mako Nemoto (CCJ)
With the cooperation of: Takaki Kubo (Concert Imagine), B.C.D.e


Kazuki Ishihara
He began ballet at the age of four, and from 2013 studied under Yasuyuki Shuto and Megumi Nakamura at The Tokyo Ballet School. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Gakushuin University, Ishihara worked as a dancer. He began his creative career as a choreographer in 2018, producing new works such as “MOON AND A YOUNG MAN” and “NARCISSUS,” works that effortlessly cross the border between ballet and contemporary dance.
He was also responsible for choreographing and directing the performance “Invitation to Ballet,” held in conjunction with the exhibition “Dialogues of the Muses: The Paris Opera House and the Arts” held at the Artizon Museum in 2022.


CCJ STUDIO, Minato City, Tokyo