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Generation / Sympathy / Consensus... Music listening to share “Instruments”

  • Organization : KIM Yohan
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Music


This project deviates from the influence of 19th century German culture, which made musical work “object of contemplation (meditation),” and emphasizes all communication involved in the realization of a work of music, viewing a musical work as a “place of sharing” in which a place where all possible forms of generation, empathy, exchange, and agreement can take place between different people.
The act of listening is performed not through “creative imagination” but through “instruments = instrumentalized bodies”. The project also attempts to communicate among Human, Instruments, and Sounds that occur in the space of a musical work.
The program includes Yohan Kim’s “a pianistic model: material turn” (2022) and “an ambient music in room: between listen to and listen to with” (2023), and Tomomi Adachi’s Lecture performance “What is collective instrument,” or “Sympathy/Synchronicity/Synthesizer” (2023). The performers are Tomomi Adachi, Satoko Inoue(Piano), Yohan Kim, and Kyoko Kurihara(Flute).


KIM Yohan
Born in Seoul, South Korea, Kim moved to Japan in 2011 with the intention of becoming a composer. His first solo exhibition, “Kim Yohan Composer Solo exhibition: Listening to Ambiguity/Complexity/Accident…” was supported by the Arts Council Tokyo Startup Grant. The exhibition was well received by Magazine “Mirairan”. In recent years, he has premiered new works in Seoul, South Korea; Berlin and Cologne, Germany; Vienna, Austria; and Borås, Sweden.


KIM Yohan


Tokyo Concerts Lab, Shinjuku City, Tokyo