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I was there

  • Organization : Aoi Sayaka
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Theater


Through an installation and performance making full use of a Japanese-style house – an aspect of Japanese culture – the audience’s personal memories intersect with general memories of land and buildings. The “I was there” creators hope this leads to rediscovery of the appeal of Japanese culture, and the cultivation of it.

Written by: Aoi Sayaka
Performed by: Ayaka Tsukishiro, Aoi Sayaka, Arisa Nagaoka
Choreography: Arisa Nagaoka
Music: Eiich Terada
Stage assistant: Juniich Matsumoto
Photography: Juniich Matsumoto, Rinko Tsukamoto
Planned and produced by: Tuonelan morsian


Sayaka Aoi
While working as an actor, Aoi became fascinated with the joy of creation and started creating her own work. She continues to create works that evoke life and death, with a focus on installations that use space.
She is an accredited master of the Bando School of classical Japanese Buyo dance, performing under the name Bando Tsurusao.


Sayaka Aoi
Tuonelan morsian


Hirakusidentyutei Atelier, Taito City, Tokyo