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The 1st Yui no Kai

  • Organization : 結の会
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


The 1st Yui no Kai concert is being held with the aim of passing down Japanese classical music and presenting new experiments using approaches from different traditional Japanese music genres.
The performers comprise young musicians and performers including Kodo Ishibashi (shakuhachi), Anna Takakuwa (koto), Eika Tosha (hayashi), and Aigoro Hanayagi (Nihon Buyo dance). The program features “Shima no Senzai,” the koto and shakuhachi duet “Izumi,” and the Nihon Buyo dance piece “Shizu no Odamaki.”
The overall focus is on the performance of classics, and for ”Shima no Senzai” and ”Izumi,” performances will be given using a combination of instruments from the same genre in order to pass on the essential beauty of Japanese classical music and the appeal of the different instruments. The work “Shizu no Odamaki” is classified as a classical piece, and is composed of Nagauta songs, shamisen, and hogaku-bayashi Japanese traditional percussion.
However, by adding the koto and shakuhachi to create new forms, Yui no Kai’s intention is to expand the possibilities of traditional Japanese music going forward.


Yui no Kai
Formed in 2021, Yui no Kai is a young traditional Japanese music group of students and alumni of Tokyo University of the Arts’ Department of Traditional Japanese Music. Aiming to popularize a wide range of traditional Japanese music, the group divides into various genres such as Nihon Buyo dance, hogaku-bayashi Japanese traditional percussion, koto, and shakuhachi. The group’s activities are wide-ranging, including explanatory workshops and performances centering on Japanese classical music, and it employs a variety of approaches to promote its activities.


Rina Hasegawa(Eika Tosha)
Yui no Kai


Nihonbshi Public Hall(Nihonbshi theater),Chuo City,Tokyo