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Autumn north wind

  • Organization : SEKITAIKUKO
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Since its founding, SEKITAIKUKO has demonstrated its approach to theater, which it dubs “theater through a wide-angle lens.” The aim of this approach is that the actors’ bodies and the walls and floor of the theater will have equal value for the audience; as a result, it is an attempt to create theater in which the audience acquires a new perspective, once a sense of distance from things specified according to their usefulness, from other people, and from the physical perspective of things has been dismantled.

In this project, SEKITAIKUKO employs the presence of multiple playwrights to decipher “theater through a wide-angle lens” from the perspective of the interrelationship between language and theater. Language has a great impact on theater. For example, with a single line, a role can be determined, and an environment established. That kind of control informs the consciousness of not only the actors but also of the audience. The audience has no leeway to consider what the play is proclaiming. When this happens, the inherent duality of theater is lost to our thinking. In this project, SEKITAIKUKO reconsiders this with the aim of gaining perception without the control of language, and discovering a new perceptual form of communication.

Creation members
Naoki Kuse, Konami Kurogi, Saki Kojima, Hitomi Sato, Shota Shimoji, Ikuko Sekita, Ryo Nagata, Junya Hayashi, Himeka Yokoyama, Moe Yoshida, Naoya Wagatsuma


Established in 2019 as theatrical unit SEKITAIKUKO.
The unit advocates what it calls “theater through a wide-angle lens”in which the actors’ bodies and the walls and floor of the theater have equal value for the audience, creating theatrical works as the practice of this philosophy.
In 2023, “micro wave” won both the Grand Prize and Audience Award at the Kanagawa Short Drama Award 2023.


Ikuko Sekita
Sekita Ikuko
2-38-16,Kameari,Katsushika-ku,Tokyo 125-0061