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Xstream project 1 『Soul Hunter』

  • Organization : officeALB
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


The first part of “Xstream project,” a new endeavor by Akiko Kitamura, who has worked on numerous international collaborations centering on fieldwork.
This is a stage performance in which young artists living in the mountainous region of Luzon in the Philippines along with Japanese filmmakers, musicians, and dancers collaborate to question the nature of, and approaches to, contemporary animism and shamanism.

Composition, Direction & Choreography: Akiko Kitamura
Music and Composition: Hiroaki Yokoyama (agehasprings)
Video and art: Akihiko Kaneko
Giullienne Sanchez
Handiong Kapuno

 Asami Ida
 Teita Iwabuchi
 Yu Kuroda
 Kaho Kogure
 Kei Tsujimoto
 Yuki Nishiyama


officeALB/Akiko Kitamura
Choreographer, dancer, Professor at Shinshu University.
Kitamura studied ballet, street dance and Indonesian martial arts, forming the dance company Leni-Basso in 1994. In 2001 she unveiled her masterpiece, “finks,” which has since been performed in over 60 cities worldwide.In 2010, Kitamura embarked on a solo career, engaging in international co-production projects for research and creation, namely “To Belong” with Indonesian artists and “Cross Transit” with artists from Southeast and South Asia.Grounded in the concept of “physical thinking” she choreographs and appears in theater, opera, movies and commercials as well as engaging in her own creative activities, and conducts university research on “the human body as a medium” from the perspectives of body theory, performance theory, and dance theory.


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