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Kahatare 1st performance “A Considerate Ghost”

  • Organization : Kahatare
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


A dialog-based drama with five characters, inspired by Nikolai Gogol’s short story “The Overcoat.” The work is built on the original story of “The Overcoat’,” in which the protagonist Akaky’s new overcoat is stolen, he dies without having any way to get it back, and then becomes a ghost and steals overcoats on a nightly basis. This reworking is a ghost story about Kida-kun, a spirit who haunts the world even though he has no earthly attachments. The story unfolds through repeated exaggeration and digression in the characters’ narratives. The flood of words and the existence of a ghost who struggles to just be what it is are absurdist and generate a modern sense of emptiness. The performers comprise Mio Tanzawa and Tatsuyuki Minamide of Kahatare with Seiji Akiba, Asaki Nakamura, and Masahiro Miyao. In addition, during the creative process the troupe held concurrent workshops featuring outside facilitators from other genres, and workshop content was then incorporated into the playwriting and acting of “A Considerate Ghost.” The guest facilitators were ghost story writer Sumi Asaka, acting instructor/actor Keisuke Yokoo, and dancer/choreographer Kanae Asakawa.


Kahatare is a theater group consisting of actors and playwrights who explore the relationship between acting and drama and perform original plays. In summer 2021 Kazutoshi Inagaki invited high school friend Tatsuyuki Minamide and fellow classmate Tanzawa Mio from the ZA-KOENJI / Creative Theatre Academy to launch Kahatare between the three of them. Based on the idea that a playwright’s “acting’” creates the script, the troupe regularly holds workshops to “give back” to plays and acting. It also holds readings of classical works, and engages in the creation of contemporary plays using classical works as a starting point. The troupe posts information about its activities on the rehearsal blog, “Kahatare Nisshi.”




Studio Cavity, Toshima City, Tokyo