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Ukawa Naohiro Exhibition Final media therapist @Dommune

  • Organization : DOMMUNE Co.LTD
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Artist Ukawa Naohiro launched the world’s first live streaming channel “DOMMUNE” in 2010.
Ukawa considers the filming, streaming, and documentation of the programs he produces daily in the studio as his “current artwork.” This exhibition introduced the vast archive of DOMMUNE programs accrued over the 13 years since the platform’s launch, using archive data as material to train DOMMUNE’s unique fine-tuning-enabled generative AI to learn the programs, and to get the artificial intelligence of a robotic camera arm installed for the duration of the exhibition to create real time “spatial paintings” in an attempt at an historical update of the act of “drawing.” Ukawa expands, converts, and creates with over 10,000 hours of historical archive footage into other mediums such as paintings and three-dimensional works, questioning the whereabouts of the artist in the artworks of AI era creation in cutting-edge installations in each of the 12 exhibition rooms.
Additionally, the exhibition period offered 11 experiential live streaming sessions at the museum, 4 workshops, and 13 exhibition tours led by Ukawa himself.

Visitors and participants ranging from elementary school students to people in their 80s were able to delineate their own DOMMUNE performances using traditional mediums, allowing them to proactively participate in the works and the programs, and providing an opportunity to delve deeper into questions surrounding society after Web 3.0. A star-studded lineup of guests including Naruyoshi Kikuchi, Koichi Makigami, Shinji Miyadai, DarthReider, Kaoru Inoue, Fuyuki Yamakawa, Goro Murayama, Aoi Yamada, Hajime Tachibana, and Mariko Asabuki ensured it was historic exhibition that will likely be talked about for generations to come.



A distinctive presence on Japan’s contemporary art scene, Ukawa Naohiro launched Japan’s first live streaming studio “DOMMUNE” in 2010 as a hub for the propagation of new culture, in anticipation of the era of social media streaming. Since its parent company MOM/N/DAD PRODUCTIONS Co. LTD was established in 2013, DOMMUNE Co., Ltd., which operates the DOMMUNE studio and channel, has been experimenting with live streaming from a consistently multicultural perspective. Boasting astounding program quality and viewing figures, since its launch DOMMUNE has continued to act as a unique cultural platform that welcomes diverse guests from around the world whenever they visit Japan. Based on interaction and exchange with creative institutions around the world such as Linz’s Ars Electronica and the London-based BOILER ROOM, DOMMUNE is constantly uncovering new possibilities for visual communication in innovative ways.


Ukawa Naohiro
15-1 Udagawa-Cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0042, Shibuya PARCO9F, SUPER DOMMUNE


Nerima Art Museum, Nerima City, Tokyo
Super Dommune, Shibuya City, Tokyo