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G.Donizetti 《L’elisir d’amore》

  • Organization : Novanta Quattro
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Everyone lives life wearing a mask. This is the love story of a young man and woman (Nemorino and Adina) who live in a peaceful village. At the mercy of an arrogant sergeant (Belcore) and a quack doctor (Dulcamara) from outside the village, their love story oscillates between true feelings and public facades. With the two each going through episodes of anxiety about love, learning about love, talking about love, and selling out to love, the fate of their romance is put in the hands of the power of an “elixir of love” (L’elisir d’amore”). However, this elixir is slightly different from the one that brought Tristan and Isolde together once and for all, as it is merely wine that Dulcamara peddles as a love potion….

G.Donizetti “L’elisir d’amore”
A new production to introduce Commedia dell’arte “Arlecchino“ (Harlequin) as an actor playing a role with no dialogue.

Conductor: Ohta Meguru
Director: Yoshino Ryosuke
Piano: Komatsu Momo, Ishikawa Miyu
Performers: Iwasaki Kaori, Kanazawa Kie, Kishino Yuki, Takahashi Masaru, Onoda Kesuke, Miyashita Yoshihiko, Onodera Hikaru, Takahashi Yosuke, Fujita Saya, Ikezawa Mako, Nakamura Minato

Dramaturg: Onodera Ayane


【Novanta Quattro】
“Good music will always make you crazy.”
Novanta Quattro is an up-and-coming opera company with a young sensibility which focuses on the current state of music and theater. Novanta Quattro began operating in 2022. It initiates opera performance projects centered on young performers and expressive artists around the age of 30, including conductor Ohta Meguru and director Yoshino Ryosuke.


Takanori Shibata
Novanta Quattro


Tsunohazu Kumin Hall, Shinjuku City, Tokyo