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  • Organization : Fumito Yamauchi
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


I graduated from a local art university and began living in Tokyo last year. After living here for a year, I realize the huge difference between rural areas and cities. What you can and can’t find in provincial areas is all there in the city; you hardly ever feel the need to leave Tokyo and almost everything you do can be done within the city. Not just things and events but also experiences, economies, the art scene, and culture circulate autonomously in the city. Of course, these things also exist in regional areas but the difference in density and speed is obvious. In this exhibition, the “points” of rural areas and cities are connected to form “lines,” intersecting to create “planes.” All sorts of elements are scattered between these two points, which are accessible by car or train, with areas that are both urban and rural forming a component of the planes. Marking these planes as locations gives a sense of large, invisible boundaries.
For this project, the two of us who studied art in the provinces create and exhibit works centering around “location” and “movement,” exploring opportunities to allow ideas and styles to flow from the center of Tokyo to the outside.


Fumito Yamauchi
Yamauchi’s work focuses on the two themes of “symbols” and “consumption.” Combining materials, modeling, and motifs from different contexts including popular culture, sacredness, and history, he explores messages with irony and humor stemming from contrasts between these.

Principal exhibitions:
Solo exhibition “OuternetWorks”/Geshuku
Exhibition “Forming Sculpture – Material that takes SHAPE –”/Galerie sol
Exhibition “MEIOUTU”/Kajimachi souko, Ishikawa Prefecture
Exhibition “The Uchinada Struggle – Memories of Wind and Sand –”/Uchinada Coast, Ishikawa Prefecture


Fumito Yamauchi


Hibiya OKUROJI G14 section, Chiyoda City, Tokyo