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The Possibility of fusional expression resulting from the physicality of the Deaf and the Hearing

  • Organization : SANDO PLUS NPO
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


What kind of artistic chemical reaction occurs when the visual language of deaf culture and the music of hearing culture intermingle? This is a project in which deaf and hearing people create videos while they hold discussions.

The Possibility of fusional expression resulting from the physicality of the Deaf and the Hearing
Two worlds intertwined with the “movements” that arise there

Akito Imai and Mika Imai’s first language is the visual language of Japanese Sign Language, which differs from Japanese, and they own a physicality by which they live by vision. They have fun with a physicality that differs from the spoken words that express everyday life.
A heartbeat, emotion, vibration, a wave…
The “movement” that comes from what is outside and what is inside, from a momentary sensation. Kazutoshi Sohta has the physicality of vocal language and lives by hearing. What will be created by him adding “sound” to the visual works these “movements” create? This is an exhibition of film of the process of creation through dialog between three people and the “movements” that emerge there.

Film exhibition “YUDO”

Cast: Akito Imai
Music: Kazutoshi Sohta
Filming and editing: Mika Imai
Recording and mixing: Shuichi Morita
Still: Kouhei Nomura, Hiroshi Imai
Production process: Maiko Okamoto
Sign-language interpret: Susumu Yamasaki, Satoko Tateishi, Aki Yoshida
Filming location cooperation: Gunma Prefectural Fureai Sports Plaza, Edogawa ward Takeno Yu, ReBorn Wood Inc.
Exhibition cooperation: GALLERY KOBUN, Iwao Yamazaki, TOYOPOLYS, SANDO PLUS Co., Ltd.


With the aim of contributing to society, this group engages in projects aimed at developing and furthering the understanding of deaf culture. Past accomplishments include the streaming on YouTube of entertainment info show “GO! GO! Shuworld,” presented by a deaf MC. It also produces “Deaf W” with a comic entertainment duo. It also supervises, creates, and runs the Yahoo! Endowment fund project “Shuwa de tanoshimu ikimono zukan.”


Mika Imai
Sagami Bld. 2F, 7-13-6, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


GALLERY KOBUN, Chuo City, Tokyo