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High Noon George

  • Organization : Kodomokyojin
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Our latest work “High Noon George” is an attempt to expose the underside of society through the depiction of marginalized people who have fallen through the cracks. Through a job-hopping man named George who calls himself a cowboy, we meet a variety of people at the bottom of the social heap: people who live an unstable life doing part-time work, the women who work at the brothel George goes to, and others. These people may be “low class” as far as society in general is concerned, but they are also a part of that society. This piece is our attempt to stage a modern version of Gorky’s “The Lower Depths.” But unlike Imperial Russia, in contemporary Japan there is virtually no “fear of death” but rather fear of “getting by somehow.” Through this work, we confront the audience with the fears of the present, and reveal the truth about the “lower orders” that today’s society tries to hide. We offer this work as a sort of antithesis to a world dominated by success stories, with the aim of redrawing the contours of the society we live in.

Writer/director: TakashiMasuyama
Art and design: TakashiMasuyama
Performers: Kanji Masuyama, Hanaka Kiki, Toru Kageyama, Natsuki Oku, Yuki Mine, Tatsuya Yamanishi, Yuji Masuyama, Takashi Masuyama (Kodomokyojin), Yoshinori Kobayashi (Cromemolybdan), Taketo Kubota (SNATCH), Carlos Yoshida, Narumi Iwatsubo, Eriko Shindo (GekidanHachimanyamaHoshigari Sisters)


Kodomokyojin is a theatrical troupe formed in 2005 by brothers Takashi and Kanji Masuyama. In 2015 the troupe will present three new works to mark its 10th anniversary. “Kodomokyojin” (meaning “Giant Child”) is a freestyle theater company which uses various approaches like music and conversation to uncover the stories buried within society. From its base in an old row house deep in the back alleys, Kodomokyojin delivers the dynamism of theater using motifs of dreams and fears, in the free creation of unbridled and hallucinatory images for stage space. Moreover, unlike companies that have planted themselves firmly in theater circles, it gives performances in cafes, galleries,live music venues etc. as well as theaters; and through its co-performances and borderless activities it explores the possibilities of theater without constraint.


Mizuho Sasaki
Production Manager


Sunmallstudio (Shinjuku City, Tokyo)