What we do


  • Organization : ARTISTS’ GUILD
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


Since the launch of ARTISTS’ GUILD in 2009, we have been trialling the sharing of personal equipment belonging to individual artists as a way of creating a system open to the general public. However, the system has yet to prove workable, with a web of complex problems concerning equipment storage, warranties, rental and transport fees, shipping businesses and the like. In this fiscal year, we will focus our activities on the sharing of personal equipment in order to build a broad open community. We will brainstorm ideas for the system, establish a platform and conduct test operations.


ARTISTS’ GUILD (AG) launched in 2009 is an art support system by artists for artists. Members comprise professional artists building a pioneering art support system aimed at improving the working environment for artists. By joint ownership of equipment necessary for art production and exhibition, AG hopes to not only reduce the financial burden on artists of creating and showing their work, but also to enable artists to deliver high-quality artwork in a reliable and timely manner. Through this proactive social experiment, AG hopes to mitigate the various problems associated with artistic activity.


some places and HIGURE17-15cas (Arakawa City, Tokyo)