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1969:A Space Odyssey?Oddity!

  • Organization : Kaimaku Pennant Race
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


【Festival d’Avignon Off 2015】

“1969: A Space Odyssey? Oddity!” transfers Jean-Paul Sartre’s “Huis clos” (No Exit) to outer space in the near future and reconstructs an entirely new story. It is the year 1969, when human beings have put their first steps upon the surface of the Moon. “Does science outlive history?” Can our three astronauts heroes find an answer to this ultimate question? And if they can, what kind of answer will it be? Known for its highly energetic, surrealistic and evocative performances, Kaimaku Pennant Race presents its newest work, especially devised for overseas audiences.


【Kaimaku Pennant Race】
Established in 2006. Director Yu Murai reinterprets a wide variety of classical dramas, mainly using extreme physical expression to represent a new type of drama. Its performances invite audiences to enter surreal,
high-octane worlds, created through a fusion of physicality reminiscent of Japanese martial arts (Budo), as well as the same Japanese mindset that infuses the nation’s pop culture of anime (cartoons), manga and video
games. Kaimaku Pennant Race aspires to offer a wholly new kind of theatre that is both art and entertainment. On its first overseas tour to New York in 2009 the company was acclaimed by critics, including The New York Times. Today the group is one of the most promising young theatre companies in Japan.

    2012 : Yu Murai won two prizes, Award For Excellency and Audience Award, at Annual Young Directors Contest, held by Japan Directors Association.
    2013 : Murai received Honorable Award at Toga Theater Competition, given by the Japan Performing Arts Foundation, of which founder and the first chairman of the board was Tadashi Suzuki and the second (and the present) is Oriza Hirata.
    2014 : Murai received the Setagaya Art Award Hisho (Flight) by Setagaya City (Tokyo) and Setagaya Arts Foundation.


Kaimaku Pennant Race


Theatre les Ateliers d’Amphoux Salle Pierres, Avignon, France