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“Taidan Kikou” Round table session 2016 Hydrangea Edition

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The map we were born with pointed to Ekoda after all

Tokyo, Soup, Blanket and Travelogue, an art project set up by Shirotama Hitsujiya, has entered its third year.

In “Ekoda Soup”, the first research program of the new financial year, we took our time walking around the site of the old Ekoda market and its vicinity, and looked at the state of the shopping street that is still in business even after the closure of the market.
Our guests for this “Taidan Kikou” round table session are Ekoda shopkeeper Hitomi Ando, and artist Toru Koyamada from outside Ekoda. While touching upon activities of the Tokyo, Soup, Blanket and Travelogue project up until now, together we would like to think about what will follow the project’s theme of “demise”.
Anyone interested in Tokyo now and in future, or in “endings” is welcome to join this talk.


Shirotama Hitsujiya (Artistic Director of YUBIWA Hotel, playwright, director, actor)
Toru Koyamada (professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts)
Hitomi Ando (owner of vintage store Garakutaya Neverland)




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Tokyo, Soup, Blanket and Travelogue office
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Arts Council Tokyo ROOM302 (Arts Chiyoda 3331)


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