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Artpoint Meeting #01: Art's 2020 problem

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“Tokyo Artpoint Project” kicks off with an event intertwining the language of art projects

Artpoint Meeting will bring together art project practitioners and people with an interest in them to explore the relationship between society and art, and craft a new “language” for it.
The theme for the first meeting is “Art’s 2020 problem.” There are four years to go until the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, but what sort of opportunities will 2020 bring in terms of society and art? A talk will be held on towns and art, Tokyo and Tohoku, Japan and the rest of Asia, and future approaches to projects from a public perspective amongst others. Additionally there will be a talk and performance allowing attendees to experience for themselves the possibilities of art projects.
Using towns as their workspace, art projects get close to people’s lives, and present questions through art. Join us in contemplating their future.

  • What is Tokyo Artpoint Project?
    The Tokyo Artpoint Project is an initiative that creates numerous “art points” via art projects undertaken in partnership with NPOs that play a key role in their local communities. Our ambition is for arts and culture to take root in the everyday life of the community, leading to the creation of Tokyo’s long term appeal. For that reason we also place great importance on nurturing the NPOs that will lead these art projects, and putting into place the infrastructure for these activities.
    Please see here for further details.

Message from the Director

We seek to create a forum encouraging people to challenge themselves to experimentation, so that art can function as art. Furthermore, we want to work towards 2020 by contemplating a new vision, and fostering a language for it. We are holding ART POINT MEETING as the first step in these efforts.
Tsukasa Mori, director, Tokyo Art Point Project, Arts Council Tokyo


Talk: “Art’s 2020 problem” (14:00-15:30)


Masahiro Baba, architect, Open A director, RealTokyoEstate director, associate professor at Tohoku University of Art and Design
Yoshihiro Yabe, coordinator for Nishiaizu International Art Village, executive committee member for Mori no Hakobune art project
Nozomu Ogawa, director of TERATOTERA, Art Center Ongoing director


Tsukasa Mori, director, Tokyo Artpoint Project, Arts Council Tokyo

Talk and performance (15:40-17:00)

Shinya Misawa, Mori no Hakobune art project


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Project Coordination Division,
Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
TEL:03-6256-8435(Weekday 10:00-18:00)/080-9081-0171 (on the day of the event)


MACRI Jimbocho (3-6-8 Shinko Bldg. 4F, Kanda-Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
4-minute walk from Jimbocho/Ogawamachi/Shin-ochanomizu station, 6-minute walk from Ochanomizu station



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)