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Toshima Art Station W Performance Waiting Room

  • Art Project

Over the past two years, together with Ima theater Toshima Art Station Koso has questioned what an “art station” is, and developed projects using a variety of approaches.
Following collaborative efforts like these, Ima theater’s idea of an “art station” is now being presented as “Toshima Art Station W”. The “W” of Art Station W stands for “waiting room”. We invite you join us in waiting for something in the Toshima Art Station W Performance Waiting Room.


Various things will happen in the Performance Waiting Room while you wait! So how about relaxing over a meal and checking out the performances?

  • Puppet theater “A Christmas Carol” (Manami Kakudo and Ima theater group)
  • Dinner party (EAT&ART TARO)
  • Drama (Takeshi Fukuda)
  • Sounds of the Waiting Room (Yumi Kanemitsu)
  • Dance (Tomo Yamazaki)


Ima theater
Saori Azuma, Miho Inatsugu, Aki Miyatake, and Tomo Yamazaki,
A performance project of activities based at HAGISO, a tiny multi-purpose cultural facility in Yanaka, Tokyo. As well as undertaking joint productions with people from different genres like musicians, artists and architects, the group also collaborates with enterprises such as cafes, weddings, mobile libraries and town walking tours.


*There will be a charge for food and drink.


Toshima Art Station Z (Chitosebashi Kyoiku Bunka Center B1F)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Toshima City, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Onocoro