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Ima theater Program “Art Station Koso Promotions Department Performance Desk”

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The Toshima Art Station Koso program is developing a performance project with Ima theater which will create widespread awareness of the philosophy behind Art Station Koso, and provide impetus for people to get active artistically.
On this occasion a virtual “Art Station Koso Promotions Department” has been established to promote Art Station Koso in a variety of ways. Anyone is free to sign up!



On a stage for showcasing the art of the individual, various people whether old or young, male or female can bring along their respective skills and “perform”.
Kyoka Arisawa(dance), Kaori Ito(dance), Ima theater orchestra(ensemble), E KOMO MAI(Hawaian), Emi Oyama(dance), Gakushuin University sign language club “Nozomi”(sign language choir), Manami Kakudo(music), Kyukkyu8 Project ∞Marble Pocket∞(drama reading), Tomohiko Kyogoku(permormance), Kinjaku (comic stage), Jasmine(bellydance), Smile Sakasu(folk dance), Taisho University Shodo research club(Shodo performance), Ballet Project(ballet), Takeshi Fukuda (theater performance), Rafurafu×tecconick(theater performance) and others


What exactly is Station Koso? Various regional examples of Station Koso are comprehensibly “exhibited”.


If you feel you want to start something art-related but are a bit sketchy on the details, this provides an arena for you to exchange “dialogue” with office staff at Toshima Art Station Koso.

How to participate

The Art Station Koso Promotions Department Performance Desk can be found in Toshima Center Square on the first floor of the Toshima City Office. We ask you to please sign in here first.

Participation fee



Ima theater (performance project)
Ima theater are composed of Saori Azuma, Miho Inatsugu, Aki Miyatake, and Tomo Yamazaki, who have backgrounds in theater and dance, to put on performances. Ima theater began their activities in 2013 in HAGISO—a small composite cultural facility in Yanaka, Tokyo. They collaborate with “venues,” such as on-foot tours through town, mobile libraries, cafes, and joint productions with people from many different genres including musicians, artists, and architects, as well as with the circumstances created at those venues, in search of the role of performances. They continue on with their undertakings while contemplating places that are both theatrical and reminiscent of Ima (living rooms), in that people gather around and share time and activities together.


Toshima Center Square on the first floor of the Toshima City Office and others


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Toshima City, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Onocoro