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Street Artist Academy 2017 Special Workshop

Call for participants

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Special talk session and workshop by world-renowned street performers!

Street Artist Academy is a workshop for street performers. This time, as a special session, we will hold a talk session and workshop inviting two distinguished street performers; Pieter Post from Netherlands and Bernard Massuir from Belgium.

*With interpreter.
*There will be a break during the program.


(1) Pieter Post and Takao Hashimoto (October 24)
(2) Bernard Massuir (October 25)

Program details

(1) Comedy and The Performer: An Overview (Talk)
What is comedy? What is a clown? What is performance?
This talk will get to the heart of comedy, focusing on “The Comedy of Errors”. As a comedian who has brought laughter to adoring audiences all over the world, Pieter Post shares his unique perspective and philosophy in conversation with veteran Japanese/overseas street performance festival producer and longtime close friend, Takao Hashimoto, as the two explore the essence of comedy.

(2) Singing, Voice Training and Clowning (Workshop)
This workshop will focus on the compatibility of clown and music from the point of view of the musician, unraveling the question of the importance of the clown element to the music, and vice versa. This workshop with singer and comedian Bernard Massuir will focus on the different approaches and possibilities for the artist regarding sound and body/movement, facial expressions and the like, looking at actual voice training and clowning practices. Musicians from genres outside performance as well as clowns and comedians are welcome to attend.


(1) Pieter Post with Takao Hashimoto
Participants should be any of the following:
– Currently a street performer
– A stage director or actor interested in street-based artistic expression
– Interested in comedy

(2) Bernard Massuir
Participants should be any of the following:
– Currently a street performer
– Active as a musician or clown and interested in street-based artistic expression
– A stage director or actor interested in street-based artistic expression

*In the case of over-subscription for either day, participants will be selected based on their applications.


(1) 40 people
(2) 25 people


(1) 1,000 yen
(2) 2,000 yen
*Please pay on the day.

How to apply

E-mail application.
Send an e-mail with the subject title “SAA special WS / application for participation” to, and in the main body please state the following information:
*Please include your preferred date (either 10/24 or 10/25) in parentheses in the subject title.

(1) Name
(2) Gender
(3) Age
(4) E-mail address
(5) Telephone number
(6) Brief summary of your background including activities and experience in years
(7) What you want to learn in this workshop
*If you have previously attended a Street Artist Academy lecture or workshop you only need to include (1), (4), (5) and (7).

Application deadline

Thursday, October 5, 2017
*We will notify all applicants whether or not they can participate by Tuesday, October 10.
*Personal information submitted in the application process will only be used for the purposes of this workshop.


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
TEL: 03-5391-2116


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre B2F Rehearsal room



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Assisted by
Agency for Cultural Affairs