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Ikebukuro West Gate Park SONG & DANCE

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Celebrated novel finally gets a musical version!

Ikebukuro-based Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre has twice previously held workshops themed around the Ira Ishida novel series “Ikebukuro West Gate Park” in 2014 and 2015, with a view to creating Ikebukuro-set dance-based entertainment that appeals to a general local audience.
Now in 2017, the project is finally being taken to the next level, with a performance in front of an invited audience in Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre’s Theatre West hall.
The theme of the new musical is the street gang warfare of the “Sunshine-dori Civil War” installment in the series. The drama that unfolds between familiar characters from “Ikebukuro West Gate Park” will feature additional original songs and group dancing.


Saturday, December 23, 15:00/19:00
Sunday, December 24, 13:00/17:00
Monday, December 25, 19:00
Tuesday, December 26, 15:00/19:00
Wednesday, December 27, 15:00/19:00
Thursday, December 28 – Wednesday, January 3, No performance

Thursday, January 4, 15:00/19:00
Friday, January 5, 13:00/17:00*
Saturday, January 6, No performance
Sunday, January 7, No performance
Monday, January 8, 13:00/17:00**
Tuesday, January 9, 19:00
Wednesday, January 10, 15:00/19:00
Thursday, January 11, 15:00/19:00
Friday, January 12, 19:00
Saturday, January 13, 13:00/17:00
Sunday, January 14, 13:00/17:00

* A pre-performance briefing and audio guide will be offered to the vision-impaired for the 17:00 performance on January 5 only (reservation necessary)
** Portable subtitle players will be available for the hearing-impaired for the 17:00 performance on January 8 only (reservation necessary)

Production / direction

Based on: “Ikebukuro West Gate Park” by Ira Ishida (Bunshun Bunko)
Script and lyrics: Yukio Shiba
Directed by: Kunio Sugihara
Choreography: Wataru Kitao


Takuro Ohno
Masaki Yabe (DISH//)

Kouhei Shiota
Kenji Ebisawa
Tomomi Oto
Mao Katou
Kotori Kojima
Yuya Sasaoka
Shunichi Takahashi
Daiki Tomida
Yu Hosokawa
Ryo Mitsui
Yuka Ito (Double casting)
Junko Tokunaga (Double casting)
Yuya Tanaka

Toshiyuki Someya

[Street dancers selected by open call]
ATO, Taichi Arakawa, Angelo, Hayate Kashiwazaki, Reo Kato, Makoto Kaneda, Kazuya Kurokawa, KØHEY, Ginjiro Koyama, SHIMa, Shuntaro, JIN, Minori Suzuki,, tomoya, Yusuke Hattori, Ryo Higuchi, hiroki, Sora Furuya, Protecter, babe, Ryo-ma


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Adults: 7,500 yen
25 and under: 5,000 yen *Sold out
High school students and under: 1,000 yen *Sold out

*Preschoolers not permitted.
*Premium seat ticket holders will get a specially-made plastic folder gift.
*25 and under discount tickets are subject to advance ticketing only from the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office (limited number of tickets, ID required)
*For guest with disabilities: Discount tickets available. Please contact Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office for more details.
*Seating is in a face-to-face configuration with the stage in between. Some seats are installed on the stage.
Seating plan(PDF)

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Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Theatre West



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