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Relight Days 2018

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Seven years after the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster, the public art installation “Counter Void” is re-illuminated for three days

The Relight Project presents “Relight Days 2018.” In this event, the public art installation “Counter Void,” whose lights are currently switched off, will be re-illuminated for the three-day period of Sunday, March 11 (the seventh anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake) to Tuesday, March 13, 2018. “Counter Void” (artist Tatsuo Miyajima, 2003/Collection of TV Asahi) is located in the Roppongi area of Minato-ku, Tokyo.

The Relight Project has been presenting “Relight Days” since 2016 in order to create opportunities for each of us living in the present, while keeping the memories of the Great East Japan Earthquake from fading, to think about what it means to live. With the passage of seven years and the societal changes that have occurred since the disaster, however, we now feel there is a need to address this theme in a new way; therefore, we have decided to end “Relight Days” with this third and final edition.

This will be the last three-day period in which “Counter Void” is re-illuminated for “Relight Days.” In this installation based on the theme of life and death, which silently lights up the Roppongi area, we will switch on the lights and create a time period in which each person can reflect on what it means to be alive.


Relighting “Counter Void”
“Counter Void” is a public art installation created by contemporary artist Tatsuo Miyajima on the theme of life and death. Comprised of gigantic lights 5 meters high and 50 meters long, it is on permanent display on a wall of the TV Asahi building. In an agreement between Miyajima and the installation’s owner, TV Asahi, the illumination was turned off on March 13, 2011, two days after the Great East Japan Earthquake, in an expression of condolence for the victims of the disaster. The installation’s lights have been turned off ever since, except during “Relight Days.” They will be turned on once again on March 11 at 14:46, the date and time of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Illumination times: Sunday, March 11, 14:46-23:59 / Monday, March 12, 10:00-23:59 / Tuesday, March 13, 10:00-23:59

Workshop – “311 is/does ■”
On Sunday, March 11, in front of “Counter Void,” we will hold a workshop in which visitors are invited to think about their own memories and experiences and write the words that come to mind in the black box ■, then post the message on social media.

Workshop time: Sunday, March 11, 15:00-20:00




Relight Project office (inVisible)


in front of “Counter Void” at Keyakizaka in Roppongi Hills (6-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), inVisible