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Introduction to Art Project 0123

A series of lectures providing genuine art project know-how

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What Art Projects Do We Really Need Right Now?

Have you noticed the term “art project” cropping up a lot recently? Over the last few years, a variety of art projects of all sizes have been organized across Japan, so it’s likely that a fair number of people have actually taken part in one of these. But what’s an art project actually for? Do we really need them in our lives? What does “art project” actually involve?
This course is a series of 17 lectures aimed at examining anew the potential and significance of art projects, through which participants will acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable them to create the art projects that we really need. The course will cover everything from lectures about the history and current status of art to talks by artists and producers working in the vanguard of the arts, as well as writing skills and know-how. Course participants themselves will take center stage in the seminar-style lectures, which will feature a variety of discussions and practical tasks. We hope that you’ll apply for this course, taking the first step in pursuit of the art projects that we really need, on your way to becoming a leading figure who can bring these projects to fruition.

4 Themes

Learning About Art History and Artistic Concepts and Getting to Know Artists
Participants will learn about trends in contemporary art by genre, based on specific examples. Currently active artists and directors will also be invited to talk about their works and activities with participants.

Developing Writing and Design Skills
Participants will learn practical approaches to talking and writing about art, as well as design skills. They will have the opportunity to visit exhibitions and take on the challenge of critiquing the exhibits and works. In addition, guest lecturers will give lectures and assess the writing of each participant.

Experiencing Art Projects
Participants will gain practical knowledge of the on-site workings of an art project by taking part in the TERATOTERA Festival as volunteers, and hearing from guest directors and curators who are currently undertaking projects.

Discussing Topics With Those Around You
This course takes the form of seminar-style lectures, so during each class, participants will take part in a group discussion on some kind of theme with others on the course. The aim is for each participant, through these discussions, to gradually build up a more concrete image of the art project that they have in mind.

Please click here (PDF) for the course schedule.


30,000 yen (students 15,000 yen)




Deadline for Applications
Sunday, June 10 2018

How to Apply
Please e-mail your application to, ensuring that you have provided the information specified below and using “Introduction to Art Project 0123” as the subject line.
1. Full name (and pronunciation in katakana)
2. Postal code
3. Address
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6. General public or student
7. School/employer
8. Responses to both of the following questions for applicants, A and B (please write around 300 Japanese characters for each question)

Questions for Applicants
A. What is art, in your view? Please give your thoughts based on your own experiences.
B. Why do you want to take this course and what do you hope to achieve after taking it?

*Personal information supplied will be managed with the utmost care and used solely by the organizer for the purpose of communication.


Tadasu Takamine

Tatsu Nishino

Chikako Yamashiro

Ren Fukuzumi

Tomoko Yabumae

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Tetsuya Kino

Yoshitomo Nara



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Mikuni Yanaihara


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