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TURN Fes 5

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The theme of this year’s TURN Fes is “Pathways”

What does the word “michi”(“path” or “way”)bring to mind? Chikamichi (short cut), wakaremichi (turning point), sanpomichi (walk), yorimichi (detour), kaerimichi (way home)…
At TURN Fes, people will find their individual directions and ways of living through encounters with others and with creative expression. Sometimes you look back, sometimes you take the long road. In giving yourself up to this, you will discover new perspectives and perception through the encounters and experiences this generates.
As well as TURN participating artists, welfare facilities and communities, we have gathered a variety of people for four days of exhibitions, workshops, performances, talk events, and guided tours. Come experience each “path” by participating in a variety of programs!


*sign language and speech-to-text support available


Exhibitions and workshops
– Tomoko Iwata: “Walk of Consciousness”over a crumpled map
– Harumichi Saito: photos that capture presence
– Thinking about new modes of communication in “Future Language”
– OTON GLASS/FabBiotope: the manufacturing technology making diversity a reality
– Eri Makihara and the Tokyo International Deaf Film Festival Executive Committee: film and creative expression by deaf students
– Katsuya Ise interacts at the “Momosan fureai no Ie” day service
– Takashi Iitsuka: video production that touches on all our emotions
– Atelier A’s drawing class focusing on children with Down’s Syndrome and autism
– Masanori Ikeda: photograph of “working” in “Human Movement/Work”
– Emi Tomizuka: “Boatt Room,” illuminated by deafblind culture
– TURN LAND on the road (Itabashi-ku Komone Fukushien (welfare facility), Atelier La Mano, Kimagure Yaoya Dandan,Harmony)
– Documenting interaction: dancing by Kaiji Moriyama, footage by Ryohei Tomita
– The sunflower maze on cultivated land belonging to the Institute for Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services, The University of Tokyo
– Interaction between a Cuban elderly care facility and an elementary school on the “TURN in HAVANA”.
– Interaction between indigenous Argentinians and the local community at “TURN in TUCUMAN,BIENALSUR”

Live acts and performances
In the evening of the first day (August 16) we’ll hold our Opening Night event!
Getting the crowd going onstage will be punk band Love Ero Peace who raise questions about the discrimination we all feel, human beatbox U:gene, rap artist MACHEE DEF, and others.
Additionally, the diverse sound- and body-based performances that will emerge during the festival are set to bring a breath of fresh air to the exhibition space.

Talks and lectures
TURN is involved in a broad range of areas and themes. By picking up key issues and deepening our understanding of them, we will gain the perspective necessary for society and projects in future. The talk program this time around includes Yuichiro Nagatsu, whose focus is research on artistic expression in disability welfare in Japan; and TURN project designer Laila Cassim. Their discussions will cover a variety of topics such as art projects, the relationship between expression and exclusion, accessibility, siblings, care and medical welfare on the ground, creating forums, etc.

Theater and Playroom
– “LISTEN,” an art documentary on the theme of the musicality of deaf people.
– “Konbanwa II”, a documentary movie looking at Japan’s independent night junior high schools, and study for survival
– “Living in Deaf-Blindness”: connecting with the world through the touch of our fingers
– “TOTA”, a road movie concerning a blind candle-maker and a deaf dancer of different nationalities and languages

Tours and communication
Our navigators don’t just “inform” visitors about the venue and program: by sharing their diverse perspectives and experiences, they help visitors discover for themselves a variety of ways to enjoy Fes.

In addition, numerous artists are scheduled to take part, with a variety of different programs planned.
Updated details of schedules for each program can be found on the official website and Facebook.
*Performers and program subject to change without notice.


TURN Operation Headquarters
TEL:03-3824-9039 (10:00-17:15, Excluding weekends and holidays)
*During TURN Fes 5: 080-9081-0171 (Aug.16: 9:30-21:00 / Aug.17, 18 and 19: 9:30-17:30)


LBF Citizen’s Gallery 1 and 2, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (8-36 Ueno-Park Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0007)



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), the nonprofit organization Art's Embrace, Tokyo University of the Arts