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With the guidance of General Supervisor Katsuhiko Hibino, the art project TURN creates artistic expression in the form of interaction through encounters between diverse people, transcending differences in background and customs, including disability, age, gender, nationality, and living environment. In the TURN Interactive Program, artists make repeated visits to welfare facilities and communities of people requiring social support, meeting the people there and undertaking collaborative activities. TURN LAND, meanwhile, creates community venues for TURN activities to be put into daily practice. TURN Meeting and TURN Fes are held to spread the word more widely about the significance of these initiatives.

Events Information

TURN Interactive Program

This collaborative program provides repeated opportunities for encounters and mutual interaction between visiting artists, welfare facilities as well as communities of people requiring various forms of social support, and encourages the building of relationships between them.


In this program, social welfare facilities and communities plan participatory activities together with artists. Added to the sites original functions of various places is the role of an open cultural facility where local residents can gather, creating a setting for the day-to-day implementation of TURN.

TURN LAND (Tanashi)
This program uses a plot belonging to the Institute for Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services (Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Science, University of Tokyo) as a “third place” where artists, members of partner facilities, people requiring social support, local residents and others can gather and put TURN projects into practice.
The implementation of highly inventive programs combining agriculture and art helps build relationships between different people and provides new platforms for diversity where a variety of people gather and interact.

TURN Operation Headquarters
This facility functions as an office centering on NPO activities. It also acts as an information transmission hub hosting research groups and training programs, with the aim of producing ample support personnel to assist with TURN operations.

TURN Fes 5

In this festival, the activities of diverse artists, partner facilities and communities implementing the TURN Interactive Program and TURN LAND come together under one roof at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Visitors experience TURN close up through displays of creative work, workshops, talk events, original programs and more in an event providing an opportunity for visitors to increase their understanding of accessibility and diversity issues.

TURN Meeting

TURN Meeting is a setting for sharing, speaking about and considering the possibilities of TURN. Together with participating artists and relevant members of partner facilities and communities, we hold talks with special guests, TURN-themed discussions and more.

Overseas rollout

We also develop TURN beyond Japan, in programs undertaken in collaboration with Tokyo University of the Arts as well as arts and culture-related organizations in Japan and overseas. In the pipeline for 2019 are activities in a variety of countries such as Cuba, Argentina, Poland and Taiwan.Artists based both in Japan and overseas locations implement the Interactive Program and present the works that result from this process in exhibitions and workshops. You can learn about TURN’s overseas activities through displays at TURN Fes 5 and elsewhere.

PR and documentation

We produce and publish TURN NOTE, a written account of TURN activities, as well as TURN Journal which captures the TURN project from multiple angles. TURN’s activities are also actively communicated through our official website and social media.


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