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Premium Concert: Harmony for the Future in Mizuho Town

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We have announced the new date for this postponed event.
The program will be held with measures designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Please kindly understand and follow “Measures designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)” below for further information. (03/05/2021)
Due to the concern regarding the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and due to the safety and health for the participants and staffs, we have announced the postponement of this event. A rescheduled date will be announced later.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and kindly ask for your understanding. (04/02/2020)

The orchestra is coming to your town.

The Premium Concert series presents performances by orchestras in local towns.
This popular concert series places importance on interaction with local people, presenting ensemble and orchestra performances at various locations in the Tama area and Tokyo’s offshore islands.
Everyone from children to adults can easily enjoy classical music at these performances, which are all free of charge.


Haydn: Divertimento
Stephen Foster Medley:
Old Folks at Home, Oh! Susanna, Beautiful Dreamer, Old Black Joe, Camptown Races.
Japanese Music Medley–Four Seasons Songs:
Hanyuuno yado, Hana, Sakura Sakura, Cha Tsumi, Warewa Umino Ko, Momiji, Aka Tonbo, Yuki, Pechika, Soushunfu, Furusato.
Rodgers: Selections from “The Sound of Music”


String quartet by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and soprano
Woodwind quintet by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
Flute: Yusuke Yanagihara
Oboe: Tomoyuki Hirota
Clarinet: Daisuke Katsuyama
Bassoon: Masayuki Okamoto
Horn: Hirofumi Wada


*First-come-first-served basis. Admission will be closed when it reaches capacity.


Free (Open seating)
*No pre-school-aged children admitted
*The program is subject to change under certain circumstances.
*This event will be photographed and/or video recorded for archival and related promotional purposes.
*No reservations required.

Measures designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Measures of the staff
All the staff tackle the following measures for the sake of the safety of the guests.

  1. Thermometer and sanitizer
    We will take temperature, gargle, and sanitize our hands regularly and keep in best physical condition.
  2. Wear a mask
    All the staff wear masks and operate to prevent droplet infection.
  3. Ventilation
    With the cooperation of the facility, we ventilate and sanitize the hall venue regularly.
  4. Social distancing
    We take the social distancing measures to keep safe at the venue. Front row seats will be a sufficient distance from the stage, and infection prevention measures will also be put in place for seats to the front, rear, left and right of audience members.

Notice to the visitors
Please check and comply with the following requirements designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID 19). Visitors who fail to comply may be refused entry.

  1. Thermometer and sanitizer
    *We will monitor the temperature of visitors by means such as thermal imaging. Anyone shown to have a temperature of more than 37.5℃ will be refused entry.
    *Please sanitize your hands when you enter the venue.
  2. Wear a mask
    *Please be sure to wear a mask inside the venue at all times. Please respect proper coughing etiquette.
  3. Social distancing
    *When entering the venue please maintain a distance from the person in front.
    *Please maintain distance from other visitors inside the venue and avoid the “Three Cs”: closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings.
    *Keep your voices down when talking inside the venue.
    *Please maintain a distance while you wait in line for restrooms. Please bring a handkerchief or small hand towel as there is no hand dryer.
  4. Others
    *Please refrain from shouting out “Bravo!” or similar during the performance.
    *If you have underlying diseases, such as diabetic, cardiac insufficiency, respiratory disease, etc, please refer to your doctor’s advice and related medical information before you would decide to attend to the event.
    *We recommend you to install the application, COCOA – Covid-19 Contact App.
    *Please bring ID document (driver’s license, health insurance card, etc.) that can verify your identity on the day of the event.
    *The performance may be canceled depending on future circumstances.
  5. Submit Your Contact
    *We will submit participants’ contact information (names, phone numbers, seat numbers) to the public health centers in case any participants would be infected. Please fill the exclusive paper given at the venue and submit.
    *Your personal information will be handled with strict security and used only for the purpose above.


Mizuho View Park Sky Hall
TEL: 042-557-7070


Mizuho View Park Sky Hall, Recital Hall
Mizuho View Park Sky Hall, Large Hall


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Co-organized by
Mizuho Town Board of Education