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The start of the “Shima no niwa-biraki” island garden development project

  • Art Project

Seeking participants to cut grass and picnic together

“Kuruto,” the hub of art project HAPPY TURN / Kozushima, has a garden with a lawn. The garden used to be a sandy piece of ground surrounded by concrete walls, and home to a disused carpenter’s hut.
Together with the islanders, we cleaned out and dismantled the carpenter’s hut, swapped the concrete walls for bamboo fencing, and sowed grass seeds for cultivating lawn. As we did so, children began playing in the garden. Adults appeared, and played catch-ball. Somebody brought along cucumber seedlings for us, so we planted them, and they produced many cucumbers in summer. If we cut the grass of other disused gardens on the island like the garden at “Kuruto” and held picnics, people would come, and they could be places where the islanders could gather and where things could happen or begin.
With that idea in mind, we would gradually like to develop gardens on the island.
Come join us in marking our first garden event.


Residents of Kozushima who are interested in this project

How to participate

Please come directly to the meeting place.
You don’t need to make an application, but it would be helpful if you could contact us in advance so we can get an idea of participant numbers.

*HAPPY TURN/Kozushima project organizers will cover the cost of participants’ event insurance on the day.

-From the point of view of preventing the spread of coronavirus we kindly ask for your cooperation regarding frequent and careful hand sanitization, and the wearing of a mask.
-Please bring your own water/drinks to stay hydrated. Please ensure social distancing and refrain from reusing equipment/implements, talking face-to-face and working at closely quarters to each other.
-At picnic time we will exchange our thoughts and opinions in the garden where we have been working with our masks on and keeping our distance from each other.
-This project is being carried out with due preventive measures against infectious diseases in accordance with “Kuruto” guidelines.

*Program details are subject to change.

What to bring

Clothes you do not mind getting dirty, a small towel, something to drink, snacks for picnic time (for your own consumption), etc.


Kozushima Moriagetai (NPO)
TEL: 080-1346-2800

*Personal information supplied will be managed with the utmost care and used solely by the organizer for the purpose of communication.


The garden of the former Moto sushi restaurant
*We will meet in front of Ohdo shop (Kozushima 640, Tokyo )


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Kozushima Moriagetai (NPO)