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Season 2020 Validation of Music Workshops for Senior Citizens: Reporting Session

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At the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, we are carrying out a variety of social inclusion initiatives aiming to provide opportunities for all people to participate in music appreciation and experience creating music, irrespective of age, disability, or social handicap, and to create an environment in which many people can engage proactively with the creation of new culture. In recent years, we have held music workshops emphasizing “creativity,” “cooperativeness,” and “inclusivity” in facilities for senior citizens, social welfare facilities, and so on within Tokyo.

In response to the growing need for music workshops for senior citizens, in the 2020 season, we have revised the workshop “Shall we sing?” based on the evidence of the validation in 2019 to provide more fulfilling workshops. At this session, we will share the process of updating the workshop. Also, KUSAKA Nahoko (professor at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts) will talk about tips and methods to make the most of online activities that enrich senior life, introducing actual cases of conducting online activities for senior citizens.

Contents of reporting session

– Project aims and overview report
– About the Music Workshop “Shall we sing?”
– Summary of the validation evidence of the season 2019 and the point of the workshop revision
– How to make the best of online activities that enrich senior life: a case study of Wonderful Graduate School

From June to September 2020, three online revision planning meetings, the revised workshop demonstration, and a review meeting took place.

Nahoko Kusaka, a researcher specializing in geriatric psychology, and the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Workshop Leaders continued discussions, sorting out and revising the program designs of “Shall we sing?” This process has led them to examine how they can develop a music workshop that stimulates the elderly’s willingness to participate proactively in cultural activities. Such music workshop also encourages social participation and the creation of things that make one’s life worthwhile, which are ikigai, for the elderly.


Nahoko Kusaka (Geriatric psychology/Professor, Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts)
Kusaka does research on a “community of practice,” which encourages both “individual independence” and “symbiosis” by cooperating among diverse people of all ages. Recently, she has been working on an examination of developmental support for life design in old age, as well as empirical research about the prevention of the elderly’s isolation in collaboration with industry and academic sectors. Kusaka is the author of numerous books including Wonderful Aging and Designing Your Life. She holds a Ph.D. in educational psychology. She is also an FJCBCP (Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists) credentialed clinical psychologist and a nationally licensed psychologist.

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– Municipalities/cultural administration personnel
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– Researchers
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