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It has been confirmed that two people involved in the performance of “Canon” scheduled to open on Thursday, August 19, 2021, have been tested positive for COVID-19. Therefore, we decided to cancel five performances from Thursday, August 19 to Sunday, August 22. and the first day of the performance will be postponed to Wednesday, August 25.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and kindly ask for your understanding.
We will refund the tickets for canceled performances. Please retain your tickets safely and see the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Official Website for the steps for ticket refunds.

■Canceled performances
5 performances scheduled from Thursday, August 19 to Sunday, August 22
■Period for accepting refund requests
Thursday, August 19 -Sunday, September 5 2021

We will continue taking measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus ensuring the safety and health of the audience and those involved in the performance. We would like to thank for your understanding and cooperation. (08/16/2021)

What we’re aiming for this time is freedom

A series in which talented directors from both Japan and overseas boldly take on Hideki Noda’s highly original drama, replete with his unconventional vision. Noda himself wanted the play to return to the stage, in anticipation of the talents of Kinuyo Nogami who directed “Canon”in 2015 as Vol.3 of a joint production with drama schools. Audiences can expect powerful performances from a team of actors chosen through audition.
Everyone involved is fully geared up to bounce back from the cancellation of performances originally scheduled for March 2020.

I’m really happy that audiences are finally able to see this work again and that I can again spend time in the company of the talented cast members. We finished rehearsing “Canon” more than a year ago, so it’s actually a little confusing to start with rehearsals again this time around without having performed the work. But when I remember the faces of the cast members and the rehearsals, my sense of anticipation is stronger than that of confusion. I would like to join forces with the cast and production staff to create a theatrical experience that people can enjoy as much as circumstances allow.

Taro: Hiroki Nakajima (May 21, 2021)

“We’re going forward. Forward.”
This is a line by Shakin, the character I play. I was really moved by this one line. They’re not just words of optimism, and they’re not negative words. I got the sense of a very powerful determination behind them. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to move forward with this again.
Please go see “Canon” at the theater.

Shakin: Honami Sato (May 21, 2021)

We will hold this performance after taking measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Please be sure to check the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre’s precautions on the theater website and wear a mask when purchasing tickets/when visiting the theater. Please be advised that those who have a fever of 37.5℃ or higher or those who are not feeling well may be denied admission on the day of the performance.


Prison guard Taro (Hiroki Nakajima) is infatuated with Shakin, a prisoner, and helps her escape. In order to be absolved of this crime, he is ordered by the city authority Judge Tempura (Ikkei Watanabe) to act as a spy and infiltrate the hideout of the bandits led by Shakin (Honami Sato) in order to search for “something.” Taro doesn’t have the stomach for theft, but kills a person to help his younger brother, Jiro (Tatsuya Oda), who has been arrested for his political beliefs, compounding his crimes and deepening his feelings for Shakin in the process. Jiro joins the bandits, and advocating theft based on beliefs, he suggests to the other bandits that they steal “freedom” from the judge’s estate. Meanwhile, Judge Tempura has leaked to an underling the hidden truth connected to “something” about the painting kept on his estate….

Written by

Hideki Noda

Directed by

Kinuyo Nogami


Hiroki Nakajima, Honami Sato, Yuri Nagoya, Keizo Nagashima, Wataru Omura, Eiji Yamamoto, Koki Chonan, Atsushi Ogata, Itsuki Kawaharada, Hanano Teshirogi, Mina Sasaki, Maki Maehara, Ryo Honda, Takuya Yukawa, Tatsuya Oda, Takato Murata, Ren Takeuchi, Ayumi Tasaka, Masayuki Kizu, Junko Kanou, Masahiro Sato, Ikkei Watanabe


Stage design: Norimine Masahiro
Lighting: Nami Nakayama
Music: Kimitoshi Sato, Takumi Nanba
Sound: Nobu Ikeda
Video: Hironobu Matsuzawa
Costume: Hiroya Tsuchida
Stage direction: Tomomi Torikai
Assistant director: Shiori Yoshinaka
Production manager: Mie Aiba, Arisa Kawabe
Sword fight training: Isao Sano
Conditioning coach: KOU
Publicity art: Wataru Noritake
Paintings: Yuna Ogino


Thursday, August 19 2021, 18:00
Friday, August 20 2021, 18:00
Saturday, August 21 2021, 13:00/18:00
Sunday, August 22 2021, 13:00

Monday, August 23 2021, No performance
Tuesday, August 24 2021, No performance
Wednesday, August 25 2021, 18:00
Thursday, August 26 2021, 13:00▲/18:00○▲
Friday, August 27 2021, 18:00
Saturday, August 28 2021, 13:00◎/18:00
Sunday, August 29 2021, 13:00
Monday, August 30 2021, No performance
Tuesday, August 31 2021, 18:00
Wednesday, September 1 2021, 18:00
Thursday, September 2 2021, 13:00/18:00
Friday, September 3 2021, 18:00
Saturday, September 4 2021, 13:00/18:00*additional performance
Sunday, September 5 2021, 13:00

▲: Cameras will be installed among audience seats for recording purposes.
○: Portable subtitle players will be available for the hearing-impaired (reservation required).
◎: There will be a pre-performance briefing for the vision-impaired (reservation required).
*Hearing loops (audio induction loops) available for all performances


[On sale on Saturday, July 17 2021, 10:00]
Reserved seats / Tax included
Adult: 5,000 yen
65 and Over: 4,500 yen
25 and Under: 3,500 yen
High school student and under: 1,000 yen

*In a change to the initial announcement, seats are now non-reserved rather than reserved.
*Preschoolers not permitted.
*High school student tickets are only sold at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office. (Limited tickets / ID required)
*For guest with disabilities: Discount tickets available. Please contact Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office or visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre website for more details.
*The program is subject to change.
*Resale for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
*For this performance, tickets for all seats will go on sale after ensuring sufficient space between the stage and the audience. Should the government limit the number of permissible seats going forward, ticket sales may be suspended accordingly.

・Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office
TEL: 0570-010-296 (10:00-19:00 except when theater is closed)
*Cannot be used with certain telephones
Business hours: 10:00-19:00 except when theater is closed


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office
(10:00-19:00 except when theater is closed)
TEL: 0570-010-296


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Theatre East


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