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Tokyo Nohara Hyogenbu Inclusive Dance Workshop series

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Started in June 2019, Tokyo Nohara Hyogenbu is a project in which young people with and without disabilities of high school age and above can take pleasure in the natural expression that wells up from within their bodies, leveraging each other’s individuality and ideas to create new dance works together. Using diverse musical genres and facilitation materials to expand their range of expression with abundant variety, members build relationships of equality with each other through the process of creating works. In addition, the project and its activities will cultivate facilitators for inclusive physical expression.

Activities in FY2021

Until the situation with coronavirus infection is resolved and an environment for face-to-face workshops is in place, workshops will be conducted online with current members. As soon as we have an idea of when we can resume face-to-face workshops, we plan to begin recruiting new members.
In 2020, we held a series of online workshops which fomented the idea of delivering Nohara programs to those who are only able to participate online, and to those for whom getting to a theater is problematic. So in 2021, we will roll out online outreach workshops with a group of participants for whom getting to/meeting at a theater is difficult, as well as outreach workshops in which facilitators go out into the community. We are also planning to expand the opportunities for facilitator practices with a view to developing human resources.

Chief facilitator

Hiroko Nishi


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
TEL: 03-5391-2116
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Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre


Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo / Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Cooperated by
Nonprofit Organization Inclusive field for Dance since 1998