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“KINO Meeting” Kick-off Program:
"New Tokyo Tour" Special Online Screening and Live Talk

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KINO Meeting is a project to create a setting in various locations where people with backgrounds overseas gather, and collaborate proactively with each other based on fieldwork and video production. This screening and talk event will be held as its kick-off event.

“New Tokyo Tour”, the film born from the highly acclaimed 2021 “Multicultural Film Making: Creating a film together with people from different backgrounds” (MFM) project, and footage from the making of the film, will be screened online for a special two-day period. Along with the screening, the cast and director will give a live behind-the-scenes talk, and an introduction to the new “KINO Meeting” project will be announced.

【About Multicultural Film Making (MFM)】
Multicultural Film Making (MFM) is a project that aims to develop a method for collaboration and a new expression approach through the process of producing a movie with people of different backgrounds. The activity started in September 2021, and after discussion, fieldwork, and shooting, the movie New Tokyo Tour was completed in February 2022. The production process is open to the public at the following URL:
“KINO Meeting” is a project developed from Multicultural Film Making (MFM).


How to participate

Free admission, no registration required
Note: The event will be held in the form of a YouTube video streaming only. Please access below link with your own PC or other devices to participate in this event.

Saturday, June 18
Sunday, June 19

*The film will be in Japanese with English subtitles, and the making-of footage will have Japanese subtitles.
*The talk will proceed in Japanese.
*Program contents are subject to change.

“Cinema Portraits” from the Project will be Screened for a Limited Time

For a limited time only, the video works from the “Cinema Portrait” workshops, which became inspiration for the story of the film “New Tokyo Tour,” will be available for viewing. The real-life experiences of the actors found in these “Cinema Portraits” is sure to enhance your experience of viewing the actual film. Don’t miss your chance to watch it, before or after the online screening.
Open to the public until 23:59, Sunday, June 19 2022

What is a Cinema Portrait?
The story of the film “New Tokyo Tour” is based on the many personal episodes of the members who participated in its production. These episodes were gathered through the “Cinema Portrait” workshops, held in the first half of the project. During the workshop, the members walked around Ueno, Okachimachi, and Yushima areas, and recorded their personal memories of the scenery they encountered, using photographs and audio, to create their own “Cinema Portraits”. These works were reflected in various scenes throughout the film “New Tokyo Tour”.


The KINO Meeting Staff can be reached at




Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), General Incorporated Association Pantanal