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Basic Program 2: Skill Module

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  • Lecture / Symposium

Acquiring the Ability to Drive Art Projects
Basic Program 2 (= 2nd year) mainly targets those who have successfully completed Basic Program 1, and aims to cultivate the skills required to translate plans into reality. In the Practical Program, which focuses on the ability to implement plans, participants will work together on exercises in small groups. Through repeated training in numerous case studies, participants will acquire the skills required to drive art projects.
1. Understanding jobs
What technical skills are required in the field?
Participants will learn practical techniques tailored to the management cycle.

Project design, financing, PR, recording/archiving, and reporting,/review/evaluation, etc. 

2. Translating plans into reality
How do you create an art project?
Through practical exercises, participants will master the planning and management process.
Themes of exercises:
(1) How to set up a talk/symposium/forum
(2) How to set up a community exhibition/tour/performance
(3) How to use an activity hub


Sunday, June 28 2015
[First Term]
July 12, 26, August 9, September 13, 27 2015
[Second Term]
October 18, November 29, December 20 2015, January 17, Februrary 7 2016


[Number of participants]
*Participants will be chosen on the basis of application documents and an interview.

[Eligible participants]
Those who have completed Basic Program 1: Thoughts and those with experience of running art projects

[Course format]
Throughout the year (in principle, participants are expected to attend every day of the course)


Tokyo Art Research Lab Office Nomad Production (General Incorporated Association)



Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Cooperated by
Nomad Production (General Incorporated Association)