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FY2015 School of Thought, Skill, and Dialogue

Every art project in the field needs an administration bureau. A project can only succeed if it has a core team capable of undertaking a truly diverse array of roles, running the art NPOs that are the cornerstone of the activities, carrying out all sorts of practical tasks and procedures at the site, planning and running programs in partnership with the artists, communicating with the community and volunteers, and publicizing the project.

Tokyo Art Research Lab’s mission is to cultivate tomorrow’s leaders in the field of art and culture, helping to instill in them the skills and abilities that they will need to be able to evoke empathy among a variety of people to create sustainable projects, rather than holding one-off events that rely entirely on the talents of a single individual.

Tokyo Art Research Lab’s programs are centered on two key pillars: the School of Theory, Skill, and Dialogue, which focuses on cultivating personnel over a three-year period, and R&D, which promotes the enhancement of the environment and the establishment of methodologies for operating such art projects. This initiative will begin by nurturing the culture in our communities, forging relationships between individuals, and cultivating people’s potential and the possibilities for art that forms an integral part of our daily lives.

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