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Seeking participants for the“Just a Store”program

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“Just a Store,” for connecting
You want to take on new challenges by making the most of what you are good at and like, for neither leisure time nor for work.
But you don’t know how to begin all by yourself.
There must be plenty of people who think along these lines.

Using Saeki Yohin Ten, the activity base we at ACKT created in Kunitachi City,
we are launching a program enabling people to join other participants in taking their first steps towards these goals.

People who would like to read with others rather than just read books alone.
People who want to start a handicrafts club by leveraging handicrafts skills.
People who want to read picture books to children and create a destination that parents and children can easily go to together.
People who would like to do drawing with others rather than just draw alone.

For both providers and recipients,
“Just a Store” provides a place for people to connect as part of the community, without involving money.

If relationships are merely based on money as before,
No new connections can be created within the community.

“Just a Store” is a program of value and represents more than simply a store.
Let’s get going with future friends.


-“Just a Store” is a program taking place at ACKT’s activity base, Saeki Yohin Ten.
-This is a project that does not involve money, such as the buying and selling of items.
-Participating members of “Just a Store’” (hereinafter referred to as “members”) will use the facilities of the first floor of Saeki Yohin Ten in their work with ACKT.

We are looking forward to applications from people who:
Would especially like to start up a project with ACKT using Saeki Yohin Ten
Would like to try out the ideas in their heads

Project dates

Saturday, July 6, 2024 – Monday, March 31, 2025 (9 months)

Number of applicants

Approximately 4 groups/individuals (In the case of over-subscription, to be decided by information provided in applications and based on orientation)

Participation fee

*Participants will be responsible for the cost of any supplies and transportation necessary in setting up and running store projects.

About Saeki Yohin Ten

Saeki Yohin Ten is ACKT’s activity base. An unused facility located at the south exit of Yaho Station in Kunitachi City was regenerated through “DIT” efforts (a word derived from the concept “Do it yourself=DIY,” meaning “to create together”) and opened as a base for various activities carried out by ACKT.
We are looking for projects that utilize the first floor of Saeki Yohin.


ACKT (General Incorporated Association)

*Personal information will be strictly managed and will be used only for the operation and guidance of this project.


Saeki Yohin Ten


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Kunitachi City, Kunitachi Arts and Sports Foundation, ACKT (General Incorporated Association)