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Ifuu DoDo - picnic and performance –
Seeking for performers Anatar (YOU)

  • Art Project ,
  • Workshop

At this event, a variety of people including Anatar YOU–performers recruited from the general public–artists and musicians will come together at and around Shiroiri Tower and, through performance, express their individual ideas about the appeal of the picnic. This is a completely new kind of performance event in which the audience, too, can enjoy the performances while picnicking.

For this performance event we’re calling for a variety of participants–not only as audience members, but as performers, volunteer staff members, etc., according to their interests and concerns. The orientation session will include a brief explanation of the event and information on how to participate. We encourage you to find the type of participation that suits you best, and join us in creating the performance!


yanaka no okatte (General Incorporated Association) office
TEL/FAX:03-6671-1525/080-4342-8215(Office’s mobile phone)


Shioiri Fureaikan


Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), yanaka no okatte (General Incorporated Association)
Supported by
Arakawa City