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Ifuu DoDo

picnic and performance

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Ifuu DoDo is a picnic-and-performance event taking place around Shioiri Tower, in Shioiri Park on the Sumida River. The performance will be built on the joint creative efforts of young performance artists working across various genres like performers Anatar (YOU) chosen from the general public, and performance group “The Flowers” troupe, together with local people. On the day, a total of around 100 performers will assemble around Shioiri Tower. Audience members will be handed out picnic kits comprising a picnic sheet, a booklet and an audio guide (in Japanese) to enable them to discover and sample the diverse expressions and new scenery and atmospheres that will crop up around Shioiri Tower.

If the weather is bad on the day of the event, an announcement of whether or not the event will be held will be posted to the official website (in Japanese).


The Flowers(Yoko Asano, Yumi Okubo, Kentaro Onishi, Barbara Darling, Honoka Miyazawa, Akane Sato), Sokerissa, sekai-souchi, Kohei Kobayashi, Ryuhei Fujita, Akashi Ikawa, Fumihisa Tanaka, “Anatar(YOU)” who we will meet and more


2,500 yen
*picnic kit(picnic sheet, booklet, and audio guide) included.



How to apply

Apply via the application form on the official website.
*The program will be conducted in Japanese.


yanaka no okatte (General Incorporated Association) office
TEL/FAX:03-6671-1525/080-4342-8215(Office’s mobile phone)


Around Shioiri Tower, in Shioiri Park


Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), yanaka no okatte (General Incorporated Association)
Supported & Cooperated by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Arakawa City, Sumidagawa Renaissance