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Ifuu DoDo - picnic and performance – :Recruitment and orientation meeting for participants

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A recruitment and orientation meeting will be held for people interested in participating in the picnic-style performance event “Ifuu DoDo – picnic and performance,” to be held on October 12 (a holiday Monday).

At this event, a variety of people including Anatar YOU–performers recruited from the general public–artists and musicians will come together at and around Shiroiri Tower and, through performance, express their individual ideas about the appeal of the picnic. This is a completely new kind of performance event in which the audience, too, can enjoy the performances while picnicking.

For this performance event we’re calling for a variety of participants–not only as audience members, but as performers, volunteer staff members, etc., according to their interests and concerns. The orientation session will include a brief explanation of the event and information on how to participate. We encourage you to find the type of participation that suits you best, and join us in creating the performance!

We’re calling for the following types of participants.
– Volunteer staff members
You’d like to be part of a creative setting, or you’d like to apply your skills in this event, or you don’t know what you can do but would like to join–any reason is OK! Anyone who’s willing to help us create an interesting and fun event will receive an enthusiastic welcome.
[Main types of work] Workshop support, visitor guidance and security at the venue, assistance for performers

– “Anatar YOU” – performers from the general public
We’re looking for people willing to take part in the performance in a manner that lets them be magnificent in their own way, from playing go or shogi to walking their dog to riding a unicycle. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve ever performed before. *Participants will attend a workshop ahead of the event.

– Picnic participants
We’re looking for people who would like to participate in the performance by taking part in the picnic at the venue. You’ll create the picnic setting and watch the unfolding scene at the same time.

Even if you’re not sure what you can do but would like to hear the explanation, please feel free to attend.

Same-day event - "Wind Play Workshop"

This is a workshop led by artists taking part in the performance. We’ll craft “wind play” devices such as wind socks and “Kazemaru-kun,” a bag that people will play with after gathering wind in it.
*Everyone can participate–both children and adults!

How to register

Apply via the application form on the official website.
*The program will be conducted in Japanese.


yanaka no okatte (General Incorporated Association) office
TEL/FAX:03-6671-1525/080-4342-8215(Office’s mobile phone)


Shioiri Park



Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), yanaka no okatte (General Incorporated Association)
Arakawa City