This page introduces columns about art and culture from various viewpoints by Arts Council Board members, professionals in the field, etc.


Creating for the stage under COVID-19

Kako Yamaguchi

Advanced Choreography vol. 2, an experiment in creating contemporary dance by computer-sampling dancers’ movements, was held on January 9 and 10, 2021 at Koto-ku’s Civic Center Hall (Toyosu Cultural Center).


A dystopian future and well-being

Ai Hasegawa

Whenever I hear about well-being, I always remember this passage about the word “flourish” in an article I read by Dominique Chen.


A world we can envisage through the pictorializing of listening

Junko Shimizu

Oftentimes something I can’t put my finger on bugs me all day.


The future of arts and culture-driven well-being

Dominique Chen

Series: The future of arts and culture-driven well-being “Well-being” refers to ...


The film industry under COVID-19

Shozo Ichiyama

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the film industry as well as other sectors. The first thing to be directly affected has been movie theaters. Almost all theaters nationwide were closed when a national state of emergency was declared on April 16. With audiences simply staring at a screen, movie theaters ought to carry less risk of infection than going to the theater or a music concert. But given the risk of spending several hours with strangers who may be infected, the closure of movie theaters was probably unavoidable.


For all the kani kamaboko (fake crabmeat) of the COVID-19 crisis:
The Association for Studies of Culture and Representation Symposium “Culture and Expression under the COVID-19 Crisis”

Takeshi Kadobayashi

As part of The Association for Studies of Culture and Representation’s online research forum 2020, a symposium entitled “Culture and Expression under the COVID-19 Crisis” was held on August 7, 2020.


Will you infect your co-performers?

Satoshi Miyagi

The performing arts world, the live entertainment sector and the world of sport have managed to resume operations to a certain extent, even as they face uncertainty as to just how long the coronavirus situation is likely to continue. However, as soon as they have re-opened for business, they have been faced with the next headache: fear of cancellation.


Thoughts from the “Lineage of Eccentrics” exhibition

Iwao Nakatani

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum will hold the “Lineage of Eccentrics” exhibition f...


Considering Tokyo 2020 from the Perspective of Two “City of Culture” International Conferences
— The Asia Cities Culture Forum (ACCF) and the World Cities Culture Summit (WCCS)

Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto

ACCF 2018: Approaches to cultural clustering in major cities The Asia Cities Cul...


The Meaning of “Impact of Investment in the Arts and Culture”

Taneo Kato

It seems we now live in “an age when people make money from the arts and culture...