Season's Greetings

As we begin a new year, I would like to extend my seasonal greetings to you all.
How is everyone spending the New Year period?

Due to the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the period of the Tokyo Cultural Program “Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL” was extended until last September, and implemented under the tagline “THE FUTURE IS ART.” The festival showed that arts and culture have a role to play in releasing society from a sense of oppression and stagnation.

During the almost two years we have been affected by coronavirus, significant changes have come about in arts and culture-related activities. With stage performances and art exhibitions – premised on the gathering of as many people as possible – exploring different modus operandi, creative works and productions themselves have changed as well. Innovations allowing visitors to physical venues and online participants alike to enjoy a satisfying experience have inspired new creative drive. Efforts have also been made to continue with international co-productions. We can learn about improved accessibility and other positive effects for people who until now have felt barriers in terms of access to arts and culture related events and activities.

The application of technology and improvement in the environment for communication contributes to arts and culture.
Arts Council Tokyo will go on thinking how to improve its support systems, allowing the continuation of creative activities based on new ideas.

We are expanding support for the rise of young people, and for initiatives that make arts and culture more accessible and familiar, and we plan to develop measures enabling us to demonstrate the power of art culture going forward.

Arts Council Tokyo will continue to fulfil its function to an even greater extent by making the most of its stockpile of assets and experience.

More than ever, we greatly appreciate your continued cooperation in our endeavors this year.

Katsunori Miyoshi
Director General
Arts Council Tokyo