Arts Council Tokyo FY2024 Program Line-Up Announced

Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) is pleased to announce the finalized line-up of programs for FY2024

FY2024 initiatives
■ Initiatives towards the realization of a symbiotic society through arts and culture
In order to create an environment where everyone can enjoy arts and culture, in FY2024 we will further strengthen our efforts to improve accessibility to the arts and culture. As well as promoting the development and improvement of an environment supporting accessibility at metropolitan cultural facilities, we are also offering a new grant as part of our support program: the Arts Accessibility Support Grant (provisional title). By partnering with the Accessibility Course run by Tokyo Support Center for the Arts and Culture ARTNOTO, we will support ventures by arts and culture organizations, etc. Additionally, under the Creative Well-being Tokyo project, the “International Conference on Open Access to Culture 2024” will disseminate metropolitan Tokyo-led initiatives globally and share advanced examples from overseas.

■ Expansion of multifaceted supports for activities and human resource development
To support the sustainable activities and those development of artists and practitioners in the field of arts and culture, we provide various types of support including grant programs. We are further enhancing the three functions of Tokyo Support Center for the Arts and Culture ARTNOTO, namely a consultation service, the provision of useful information, and learning initiatives. We aim to further bolster programs started last year. These include Tokyo Artist Accelerator Program (TAAP) which provides continuous mentoring with the aim of improving young artists’ presentation skills; and Overseas Study Visit Program for Arts Management Professionals, on which young arts management professionals are sent for a short term on overseas study visits to arts festivals etc. to strengthen networks with those involved in arts and culture overseas.

■ Generating opportunities for participation and hands-on experience for kids and young people
Our new programs “Fashion Show & Backstage Assistant (provisional title)” and “Kids & Youth Open Campus (provisional title)” will create opportunities for kids and young people to participate in and gain hands-on experience of arts and culture. Through workshops and other activities, we will cultivate the next generation of professionals who will support arts and culture in Tokyo’s arts and culture going forward.

Full press release (PDF) is available here.
Arts Council Tokyo FY2024 Program Line-Up Announced

Please see here for the list of our FY2024 programs.

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