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Toshima Art Station Koso

Toshima Art Station Koso produces art stations to establish an environment that allows a diverse range of people to apply the regional resources of Toshima City toward their own independent art activities. Toshima Art Station Z, located in Zoshigaya, promotes interaction with its “self-cafe” approach and organizes programs featuring artist EAT & ART TARO.
Besides Toshima Art Station Z, the project planning to build Toshima Art Station Y, in collaboration with artist Toru Nakazaki.


Toshima Art Station Koso Office
Onocoro (General Incorporated Association)
Tel: +81-3-5927-1473
E-Mail: toiawase@toshima-as.jp

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Toshima city
Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Onocoro (General Incorporated Association)

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