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Ensembles Tokyo

This music festival is directed by musician Otomo Yoshihide and presented in association with PROJECT FUKUSHIMA!. All the participants will transcend their respective viewpoints and approaches and contribute directly to the creation of a forum for music making. The event will be held in the area around Tokyo Tower, one of the symbols of Tokyo.


Around Tokyo Tower

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  • 2017年度 アンサンブルズ東京(ロングバージョン)/ FY2017 Ensembles Tokyo (Long version)

  • 2017年度 アンサンブルズ東京(ショートバージョン)/ FY2017 Ensembles Tokyo (Short version)

  • 2017年度 アンサンブルズ東京(ワークショップ)/ FY2017 Ensembles Tokyo (Workshop)

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