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Under the direction of musician Yoshihide Otomo, this initiative builds a forum for music-making through the contributions of everyone taking part, which transcends their respective standpoints and approaches. This interactive music festival aims to showcase the power of art and culture to a wider audience, while pursuing Tokyo’s uniqueness and diversity, and discovering fresh attractions in the community. It will take place at Tokyo Tower, one of the symbols of the metropolis.


Tokyo Tower

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Ensembles Tokyo Handsign Method Movies

  • アンサンブルズ東京 ハンドサイン教材動画 大友良英|Ensembles Tokyo Handsign Method by Otomo Yoshihide

  • アンサンブルズ東京 ハンドサイン教材動画 芳垣安洋|Ensembles Tokyo Handsign Method by Yasuhiro Yoshigaki

Ensembles Tokyo Handsign Method


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