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Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2019

Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2019 at Hama-rikyu Gardens on October 19 and 20, will be held as scheduled. However, please kindly understand that some programs may be changed or cancelled due to sudden weather changes. We will post information on any changes or cancellations on Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2019 official website.

In an open-air museum and one of Tokyo’s most notable gardens, we will hold large-scale tea gatherings that bring together a number of tea schools to spread the word about tea culture and the Edo-Tokyo culture that nurtured it to people both within Japan and overseas. As well as conventional indoor tea ceremony settings, outdoor nodate settings, tea ceremony workshops for beginners, and tea ceremony conducted in English, this tea gathering features stage events and performances showcasing Japanese culture, offering plenty that foreign visitors and others unfamiliar with the Way of Tea can readily enjoy.


Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, Hama-rikyu Gardens

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