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TOPACO (Tomin Performer's Corner)

This program will see collaborating companies open up space in their office buildings and elsewhere to create opportunities for the people of Tokyo to present their artistic and cultural activities to a wider audience. The objective is to enable a variety of people to participate in the Cultural Program and to offer the Cultural Program beyond the constraints of conventional frameworks and venues. We also aim to evoke an interest in the Cultural Program among a wider range of people, including those at the companies providing a venue.


Various locations throughout Tokyo


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

Events Information



  • 第2回トパコ(都民パフォーマーズコーナー)/ TOPACO (Tomin Performer's Corner) Vol.2

  • 第3回トパコ(都民パフォーマーズコーナー)/ TOPACO (Tomin Performer's Corner) Vol.3


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