What we do

Creative Well-being Tokyo

This is a program in which welfare facilities and social support groups plan and develop art projects together with artists. By rolling out two initiatives, “TURN LAND” and “Pre-LAND,” we will create even more engaging activities in daily life while we deepen our understanding of diverse values and characteristics through project practices. The implementation process will be accompanied by coordinators, who will provide operational support according to situational requirements on the ground, including liaison and coordination with the office, communication with artists, on-site facilitation, etc. In parallel with the running of the project we will also offer a platform for mutual learning.


Under this project, welfare facilities and social support groups work with artists to implement art projects in collaboration with local communities and associates. Project coordinators support the planning and operation of participating facilities and groups, placing priority on creating management systems that enable them work with a view to continuous development.


As the preparatory stage for working on TURN LAND, welfare facilities and social support groups go through the experience of implementing art programs with artists and project coordinators, creating opportunities to conceptualize art programs suited to their respective environments and conditions.


Various locations throughout Tokyo


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Yanaka no Okatte (General Incorporated Association)